Criminalist I, II, or III - Toxicology

Laboratory Name: 
Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory
Jefferson City
Job Description: 

Criminalist I: Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in chemistry or one of the natural sciences. College coursework must include two semesters of general chemistry with laboratory, two semesters of organic chemistry with laboratory, and one semester of quantitative analysis or analytical chemistry. Applicants should have at least 25 earned credit hours in chemistry. Survey or introductory coursework intended for non-chemistry majors will not satisfy the above requirements. Both overall academic record and applicable job experience will be factors for consideration, however prior job experience will not replace the minimum academic requirements.

Criminalist II: possess the above mentioned academic requirement AND at least two years of experience as a Criminalist I - Toxicology or comparable experience.

Criminalist III: possess the above mentioned academic requirement AND at least two years of experience as a Criminalist II - Toxicology or comparable experience.

Must provide a DNA sample to be used only for forensic identification as required at the time of appointment.

Must be able to pass a polygraph examination after conditional offer of employment.

Must successfully complete a twelve-month probationary period.

Must possess or obtain a Missouri Department of Health Type 1 Permit (Alcohol and Drug Testing).

If applicable, possess or obtain and maintain a Certified Instructors Certificate (Specialist) from the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

SALARY RANGE (Semi-monthly):
Criminalist I: $1,654.50
Criminalist II: $1,919.00
Criminalist III: $2,261.50

Individuals, including current Patrol employees, interested in this position must visit our website at to complete and submit an application prior to the application deadline. Applicants with the necessary educational qualifications must also upload a copy of their college transcripts to the online application system. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the application. Individuals who have previously completed an application must access their profile in the system to re-apply.

Interview boards are tentatively scheduled for the week of September 11, 2017. The tentative start date for this position is within 30 days of the interview.

Polygraph Examination:
The applicant must undergo and successfully complete a polygraph examination, administered by a Patrol polygraphist. The polygraph examination can be stressful for some applicants. Conditions such as hypertension, pregnancy, respiratory or heart ailments, etc., may affect the results of the polygraph examination. While there is no medical evidence that a polygraph examination affects a person's health, applicants are encouraged to discuss this step with their physician prior to the examination to determine if it is suitable for them to be tested. If an accommodation is needed, the applicant must discuss this with the Human Resources Division at the time the examination is scheduled. Those applicants who are pregnant will not be tested until after the birth of the child. All applicants are required to sign a waiver form prior to taking the polygraph examination. The areas covered in the polygraph examination are as follows: employment history, traffic record, financial history, past and current illegal drug usage, record of criminal convictions, and basic honesty.

Some Patrol duties relate to criminal activity. Therefore, employees may be exposed to written material, photographs, and/or verbal language of a sexual nature. The requirements of this position are not intended to create a hostile work environment; however, it is work of an extremely sensitive nature. A copy of the Missouri State Highway Patrol policy on sexual harassment is available upon request.

Final selection may be based upon several factors, e.g., results of an oral interview, written examination or exercise, review of past work performance, performance evaluations, and/or candidate’s possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities deemed necessary for successful performance in the job.

Once a job offer has been made, employment with the Missouri State Highway Patrol is contingent upon the successful results of a Patrol administered drug test and favorable background investigation.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, ancestry, sexual orientation, or disability.

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Kristy Johnson, (573) 526-6336
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