Drug Facilitated Crimes Committee

Recent Updates

SOFT members can now access the entire contents of Volume 22 of Forensic Science Review using the Member Login and viewing member documents. This Volume was published in 2010 and has nine different articles related to drug-facilitated sexual assault.

Mission Statement

  1. Train fellow toxicologists, healthcare professionals, and law enforcement on issues surrounding the successful investigation of Drug-Facilitated Crimes Committee.
  2. Collate and disseminate data on Drug-Facilitated Crimes Committee issues.
  3. Facilitate the development and promotion of research topics relevant to Drug-Facilitated Crimes Committee issues.

Core Committee

  • Laureen Marinetti, Chair, California
  • Marc LeBeau, Virginia
  • Tim Rohrig, Kansas
  • Joe Saady, Virginia
  • Amanda Jenkins, Massachusetts
  • Sarah Kerrigan, Texas
  • Teri Stockham, Florida
  • Madeline Montgomery, Virginia
  • David Osselton, United Kingdom
  • Lisa Reidy, Florida
  • Jarrad Wagner, Oklahoma

Download SOFT's DFC PDFs:

Drug-Facilitated Crimes Cutoffs
Single Dose Drug Bibliography
Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Fact Sheet