Sponsored Programs

  • A Forensic Toxicology Education Award offered annually to deserving graduate or postgraduate students pursuing studies in forensic toxicology
  • Workshops at the annual meetings on topics of interest to forensic toxicologists
  • A published quarterly newsletter that includes meeting announcements, committee reports, case reports, minutes of meetings, and other technical and general information of interest to our membership
  • In conjunction with the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT), SOFT supports certification of forensic toxicologists and serves as one of the sponsoring organizations for the ABFT.
  • The Elmer Gordon Open Forum at annual meetings that provides the forensic toxicologist opportunities for informal discussion of problems and experiences
  • A web-site listing current professional information, services, committee descriptions, meeting announcements, continuing education, an employment exchange and links to other relevant sites

Purposes and Goals

  • Provide an organization of professional forensic toxicologists
  • Promote the establishment and acceptance of uniform qualifications and requirements for the certification and/or licensure of forensic toxicologists by an independent body, and to support mechanisms for their certification
  • Stimulate research and development in the field of forensic toxicology
  • Provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of professional experiences between members and among others engaged in the administration of justice, governmental functions, and allied fields
  • Promote continuing education and training in forensic toxicology
  • When appropriate and upon request, to provide impartial boards of review for cases involving differences of professional opinion in the field of forensic toxicology
  • When appropriate and upon request, review and make recommendations on pending or existing legislation that appears to relate to the field of forensic toxicology
  • Consider and act upon career and administrative problems affecting forensic toxicology as a profession, and promote the welfare of forensic toxicologists
  • Promote forensic toxicology services to government and private organizations and to individuals in need
Forensic Toxicology Laboratory Guidelines