Director of Laboratory Services

Laboratory Name: 
PremierTox Laboratory
Russell Springs
Job Description: 

Essential functions:
• Fulfills Technical Supervisor duties as defined by CLIA and CAP.
• Oversees accreditation activities, including any required reporting, surveys, and inspections.
• Coordinates operations with all other departments of the organization.
• Supervises operation and maintenance of all equipment and instrumentation.
• Initiates and/or participates in the writing and approval of necessary policies and procedures.
• Leads quality assurance processes and participates in interdepartmental QA monitors and activities.
• Sets the example & ensures personnel adhere to all appropriate safety, technical, and personnel P&P.
• Adjusts work schedule to fit the needs of the section. Schedules laboratory personnel to adequately cover workload, to include managing time-off requests.
• Participates in proficiency testing processes. Reviews results and takes appropriate corrective action.
• Coordinates R&D activities to develop and validate new methodologies.
• Ensures all laboratory personnel are adequately trained to perform their duties to standard and without direct supervision. Mentors employees.
• Ensures all laboratory equipment and supplies are stored and maintained as mandated by regulatory agencies. Operates laboratory in a cost-effective manner; does not waste resources.
• Ensures testing is in compliance with all regulatory, governmental, and accrediting agency requirements.
• Complies with HIPAA regulations to safeguard confidentiality of patient information. Ensures patient information is shared only with those with a need to know.
• Maintains confidentiality of company information.
• Participation in quality control program monitoring
• Accepts and performs additional duties and responsibilities as assigned. Identifies areas of need and seeks ways to meet them.
• 24 hour responsibility and accountability for leadership, supervision, and staffing of the laboratory.
• Coordinates with other leaders to ensure specimens are received, processed, tested, and reported correctly and within TAT standards.
• Proficiently uses the LIS and other business and technical software

Minimum qualifications:
• Minimum education/training: PhD in toxicology, chemical, physical, or biological science. Formal education which includes clinical pharmacology and drug metabolism highly preferred.
• Prefer at least five years of supervisory experience in a clinical laboratory that performs clinical chemistry and toxicology studies.
• Previous CAP and CLIA experience in maintaining accreditation
• Ability to quickly learn and retain new skills and knowledge.
• Working knowledge in use of a PC and Microsoft Office software (Word and Excel).
• Adequate typing speed – able to do basic typing without looking at keyboard.
• Must be able to sit or stand for up to one hour without a break or change in position. Some walking or equivalent mobility required.
• Should be able to lift up to 20 pounds of weight.
• Possess adequate visual acuity to read printed reports and other documents, printed labels, and a computer screen.
• Ability to take and give directions and work as a team towards a common goal.
• Ability to organize and prioritize workload.
• Ability to work well under pressure and maintain emotional composure.
• Excellent communication and interactive skills.
• Ability to identify and appropriately resolve problems. Use good judgment.
• Must be dependable and conduct oneself in a mature, responsible manner. Possess a strong work ethic.

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