Designer Drugs


Promote awareness and provide means of information exchange for SOFT membership, professionals in healthcare, law enforcement, government agencies and others in related fields regarding the prevalence, toxicology, pharmacology, and analysis of emerging designer drugs.


The President appoints the Chair of the committee and other members of the committee are appointed by the Chair in consultation with the President.

  • Dani Mata, M.S., Chair, California
  • Marilyn Huestis, Ph.D., Maryland
  • Sherri Kacinko, Ph.D., Pennsylvania
  • Sarah Kerrigan, Ph.D., Texas
  • Robert Kronstrand, Ph.D., Sweden
  • Sumandeep Rana, Ph.D., California
  • Kevin Shanks, M.S., Indiana
  • Jeff Teitelbaum, Washington


The committee will maintain toxicological information, published literature, and identify new research concerning all aspects of new and emerging designer drugs. The committee will disseminate designer drug information at the annual meetings and through the SOFT Website to the membership. Focus topics for the committee may include prevalence of designer drugs, their pharmacology, ways to detection and quantification in biological samples, and subsequently the interpretation of drug findings in cases. Periodic reports will be prepared for publication in ToxTalk.

To access this information regarding emerging designer drugs, including monographs, published literature, reports from government agencies, case reports and links to other relevant websites, click from the following categories below.

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Any questions or comments for the Designer Drugs Committee may be directed to the Committee Chair, Dani Mata, M.S., at