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There's quite a distance between wondering and knowing. And for patients waiting for answers to important health questions, it's a road they want to travel as quickly as possible.

At Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, we understand urgency. But more than speed, we focus our energies on accuracy. Currently, we seek a Scientist, Certifying-Positive in our West Hills, CA location.
Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday -1030am-7pm
Day shift
Full-time, 40 hours weekly
*Salary dependent upon experience*
REQ # 3782661
To describe the responsibilities of the Positive Certifying Scientist within the Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory. This position reports to the Certifying Scientist Supervisor and Responsible Person. A Positive Certifying Scientist reviews analytical data to ensure accuracy, completeness and defensibility of testing results and reporting documents prior to release of a result report.


1) Certify negative and non-negative drug testing results according to the Laboratory’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual.
2) Ensure that all test results reported by the laboratory are accurate and legally defensible.
3) Describe the standard drug testing procedures from point of collection to positive certification in a court of law.
4) Interact with clients, medical review officers, call center representatives and sales staff in a professional manner in order to address any questions pertaining to the drug testing process.
5) Interact with laboratory inspectors to demonstrate a detailed working knowledge of the lab SOPS, QC practices, analytical procedures, test theory, reporting procedures, corrective actions and applicable regulations pertaining to screening, confirmation and specimen validity testing.
6) Maintain a working knowledge of the accessioning procedures and protocols to ensure proper specimen and chain of custody handling.
7) Maintain a working knowledge of the theory and practice of all initial tests, adulteration test and confirmation test methods used in the laboratory.
8) Have a thorough understanding of all laboratory:
a) quality control practices and procedures.
b) data review processes
c) procedures for interpretation of test results
d) protocols for reporting results.
9) Provide appropriate feedback to the Supervisor and Responsible Person in order to assist in maintaining an accurate SOP.
10) Maintain a thorough understanding of all federal, state and other regulatory requirements as they pertain to all aspects of forensic drug testing.
11) Take proper remedial action in response to test systems being out of control limits or detecting aberrant test or quality control results.
12) Function as a technical resource for department personnel in all sections of the laboratory.
13) Maintaining a working knowledge of all instrumentation associated with the initial test, adulteration test and confirmation test procedures in order to assist in troubleshooting measures.
14) Comply with all safety and regulatory requirements as defined and applicable.
15) Follow work schedule as defined by the Certifying Scientist Supervisor.
16) Actively participate in department meetings by providing constructive feedback.
17) Maintain proficiency in technical testing areas.
18) Participate in records management and retrieval, as required.
19) Other duties as assigned by the Certifying Scientist Supervisor and Responsible Person

1. A bachelor’s degree in the chemical or biological sciences, medical technology, or equivalent.
2. Six years experience in forensic analytical toxicology or equivalent.
3. Knowledge of the methods and procedures used by the laboratory that are relevant to the results that the individual certifies.
4. Training and experience in reviewing and reporting test results, maintenance of chain of custody, and understanding proper remedial action in response to the problems that may arise.
5. Completion of an in-house Certifying Scientist training program and approval by the Laboratory Director to perform independent functions.
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