Supervisory Chemist (Forensic) or Toxicologist (Forensic) GS-0415-1320-13

District of Columbia
Job Description: 

In this job, you will:
1. Supervise Toxicologists and Chemists who perform the full range of confirmation analysis including specialized experience in Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) and tandem Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Monitor staff in interpreting results of testing and recording and documenting control of samples, test procedures, results and other required information. Ensure compliance with standard forensic and office procedures.
2. Oversee staff court representation. Testify as an expert witness to explain highly complex scientific and forensic procedures that are used in drug testing as well as results and their implications for individual defendants.
3. Develop methods for and evaluate daily operations, identify areas where changes are needed to improve overall scientific and legal proficiency in drug detection as well as improvements in processes, costs or other areas. Recommend new approaches, revisions in policy or protocol, or other changes to management. Participate in the development of long and short range plans for the OFTS.
4. Responsible for the continuous monitoring of the scientific performance of the unit. Review all screening and confirmation data and monitor controls, performance and compliance with standards, protocols and procedures.
5. Supervise assigned staff. Assign work and establish priorities. Administer personnel programs in leave and absence, awards, and recognition and programs in affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. Counsel employees on performance and administrative issues. Establish performance standards and evaluate employee performance. Identify and address staff training needs.
6. Maintain current awareness of trends and developments relating to forensic drug testing. Review scientific and forensic professional literature to keep abreast of the latest instrumental procedures, pharmacokintetics and expert witness information.

Contact Info
Nehdene Williams 202-220-5681