SOFT 2017 Committees

Membership Dwain Fuller, B.S.
Bylaws Yale H. Caplan, Ph.D.
Audit, Budget, and Finance Tom Kupiec, Ph.D.
ToxTalk Dwain Fuller, B.S.
Publications Matt Slawson, Ph.D.
JAT Special Issue Dayong Lee, Ph.D.
Awards Erin Spargo, Ph.D.
SOFT/AAFS Drugs & Driving Amy Miles, B.S., Colleen Scarneo, M.S.
Policy and Procedures Dwain Fuller, B.S.
Website (IT) Matthew Juhascik, Ph.D.
Meeting Resource Michelle Peace, Ph.D.
Continuing Education - Credits Ann Marie Gordon, M.S.
Continuing Education - Workshops Jayne Thatcher, Ph.D.
Young Forensic Toxicologists Andre Sukta
Drug-Facilitated Crimes Laureen Marinetti, Ph.D.
Ethics Jen Limoges, M.S.
Nominating Jen Limoges, M.S.
Strategic Planning Theodore Shults, M.S., J.D.
CFSO Timothy Rohrig, Ph.D.
Vendor Liaison Jarrad Wagner, Ph.D.
Designer Drugs Sumandeep Rana, Ph.D.