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The CFSRE and the SOFT NPS Committee have established the below recommendations for NPS scope based on information from extensive collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives which yield national perspectives. For more information about our scope recommendations, email the NPS Discovery Program Manager or the SOFT NPS Committee Chairs, Dani Mata and Kayla Ellefsen  

NPS Scope Recommendations

The SOFT NPS Committee also publishes analytical profiles of emerging novel psychoactive substances and new drug articles periodically throughout the year in ToxTalk. Below is a list of some of the most recent publications:

NPS Libraries and Drug Identification Tools: 


Drug Monographs

Drug Monographs

Here you can find short communications for emerging NPS and drug monographs containing detailed information about pharmacological drug class, metabolism, blood concentrations, effects / toxicity, and analysis. Click on a drug name below to access the document:

In addition, SWGDRUG has graciously allowed this committee to link to their website.  Zolazepam.

Additionally, the CFSRE and NPS Discovery publishes new drug monographs on their website: NPS Discovery Monographs

 NPS Literature 

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